Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Report assails Fresno Co. mental health board

A Fresno County board does an inadequate job of addressing the needs of adults and children with mental-health issues, the Fresno County grand jury said in one of two reports released Monday.

The problems can be traced to the Board of Supervisors, which nominates and approves members to the mental health board, the report said.

Supervisors should do more innovative recruitment to ensure the mental health board represents the people they serve, the report said.

In addition, there are only seven members on a board that is supposed to have 22. "Having only seven members severely restricts the diversity of the membership," the report said.

In writing the report, the grand jury also investigated accusations of conflicts of interest with the mental health board, which led five members to resign last year.

Jurors also found that mental health board members do not work well together "and at times their personal conflicts get in the way of conducting business," the report said.

The report recommended that mental health board members receive training to learn what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to resolve the appearance of conflicts.

In a second report released Monday, the grand jury found the three-member board of the Orange Cove Fire Protection District has failed to provide leadership to support the volunteer fire department.

Inadequate resources also have affected the district's ability to provide proper firefighting training and record-keeping, the report said.

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