Saturday, April 30, 2011

Solano County grand jury applicants sought

By Reporter Staff
Posted: 04/29/2011 01:21:07 AM PDT

The application deadline is fast approaching for Solano County residents interested in serving as jurors on the 2011-12 civil grand jury.

The civil grand jury, as part of the judicial branch of government, is an arm of the Superior Court. It serves as the county's investigatory body and may examine all aspects of county and city government, special districts, and school districts, to ensure that the best interests of the county's citizens are served.

As part of its function, the grand jury also looks into citizen complaints alleging suspicions of government misconduct or inefficiencies.

Service on the grand jury requires a significant time commitment of a minimum of 10 to 25 hours per week, but also provides citizens with a unique opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of local government.

To be eligible, residents must have lived in the county for one year, be United States citizens, and be 18-years-old or older.

For more information or to apply, contact Florinda Itchon at the Office of the Grand Jury, 435-2575, or visit the county website at The deadline for applications is Monday.

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