Friday, January 13, 2012

Solano County grand jury reviews city treasurers


The 2011-12 Solano County grand jury conducted a review of city treasurers to ensure that treasurers complied with applicable state and local requirements.
It was found that those cities with treasurers have no clear documentation of responsibilities of the treasurer. In addition, there are no monthly accounting reports as required by law.

The reported noted that the grand jury concluded that, over time, most city treasurer tasks had migrated to other city staff, primarily finance directors. As a result, city treasurers in Solano County generally did not perform the tasks identified by state code. Additionally, the grand jury found no city treasurer in Solano County who had "money coming into his hands" and receipt of funds was generally accomplished by the finance department.

The grand jury encourages each city council to identify what it expects from its city treasurer and to set a course of action to bring that expectation to reality.

More information including a list of annual salaries for hours worked by the treasurers can be found in the report available online at

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