Saturday, June 9, 2012

(SANTA BARBARA) Jury Examines Citizen Access to Law Enforcement Audio/Video Recordings

Santa Barbara Independent

The 2011-12 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury inquired if there is access by citizens to the law enforcement patrol vehicle audio/video recordings.

Certain California government codes and court decisions preclude access to recordings except through standard court procedures. However, the Jury found that other California government codes allow law enforcement officials discretion to provide access.

The Jury also learned that when citizens and parents/guardians are informed that they can have access, the vast majority choose not to pursue a citizen complaint or lawsuit.

The Jury recommends that citizens and parents/guardians have access to A/V recordings; that they are informed that they may have access; and that each law enforcement agency report to its respective government possible savings of time and money.

The entire report can be found on the Grand Jury’s website.

The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury is a basic part of the government within the judicial branch. The Grand Jury acts independently but it is under the general control of the Superior Court Presiding Judge to assure that it acts in accordance with the Penal Code of the State of California.

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