Friday, July 1, 2016

Grand Jury: Sacramento County System Fails to Collect $658 Million in Debt

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A grand jury investigation is criticizing Sacramento County for failing to collect more than a half-billion dollars in taxes, fines and fees.
The grand jury says the county’s department of revenue recovery lacks oversight — and it’s computer system that tracks uncollected debt is dysfunctional and inefficient.
The contractor that installed the computers was hired on a no-bid contract — and the new computer system actually collects less money than the software system it replaced according to the investigation.
The grand jury also says the department suppressed an internal audit that was looking into possible fraud.
Currently $658 million has not been collected — and the grand jury has issued a list of 27 recommendations to fix the problems.
Sacramento County has three months to respond to the grand jury report.
June 30, 2016
CBS Sacramento

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