Wednesday, October 26, 2016

[Humboldt County] Letters: Grand jury report useful in weighing Measures Q, R

Contained in the crowded Humboldt County Nov. 8, 2016 ballot are county Measures Q and R. These two local county measures respectively propose that the Board of Supervisors consolidate by ordinance the offices of the auditor-controller and the treasurer-tax collector in order to establish a new county entity known as the Department of Finance. (Measure Q.) They also propose that the Board of Supervisors create an elective office for the newly created Department of Finance (Measure R).
The 2015-2016 Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury (HCCGJ) produced an extensively researched report entitled,”Best Practices In Purchasing/Procurement”. This report provides facts, insights, and arguments directly concerning these two ballot measures. This report can be accessed at the grand jury’s website:
In this report, the HCCGJ states: “The Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury supports the recommendation of the CAO’s Mid-Year Budget Review to consolidate the Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector offices and remove Revenue Recovery from the County Administrative Office.”
The grand jury further states: “The Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury recommends the establishment of a consolidated Finance Department, headed by an appointed Director of Finance.”
Reasons for the grand jury’s recommendation of an appointed rather than elected position can be found in the “DISCUSSION” portion of the report.
I would recommend that concerned citizens of Humboldt County read this report to avail themselves of researched and verified information regarding these two measures. In full disclosure, I was a proud member of the 2015-2016 HCCGJ.
October 25, 2016
Eureka Times Standard
Letter to the editor by Timothy Hafner, Eureka

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