Monday, December 5, 2016

[Placer County] Be it homeless, student breathalyzers or cracked courthouse plaster: Grand jury gets answers

Want to know about how Del Oro High School reacted to a Placer County grand jury’s take on how it’s handling using breathalyzers to check for alcohol use at school dances?
Or the Placer County health administrator’s take on grand jury criticism of how the growth of the homeless population is being handled?
How about the grand jury’s recommendation for the Sheriff’s Office to repair the plaster that was exposed on the bottom right of the doorjamb entering the Placer County Courthouse in Auburn?
Last summer’s grand jury report voiced plenty of concerns for local government to address. Government responses to those issues are now out in a new compendium released this past week and now available for viewing.
Once the grand jury makes their reports in July, government agencies are required to respond, stating any objections or detailing what they have done to address juror recommendations.
The responses filtered in to the grand jury through the late summer and early fall and have been assembled for online perusal.
Sheriff Ed Bonner, for instance, responded to the jury’s recommendation on the plaster repair. In his mid-August response, the sheriff said that the Judicial Council overseeing courthouse maintenance had authorized a work order for the repair.
Jeff Brown, director of Placer County Health and Human Services, provided one of the county responses to concerns about homeless growth from the jury.
A key grand jury recommendations was for the county continue to work with residents about the issues that accompany the homeless.
Brown’s response, filed in late August, was that Placer County will remain committed to solicit input into the operation of existing homeless service programs while planning for new programs.
The county would also hold quarterly meetings during the fiscal year in North Auburn to continue to share information and gather neighborhood feedback regarding the Right Hand Auburn temporary homeless shelter at the Placer county Government Center, he said.
The county would also be soliciting input from key stakeholders and local residents as part of its ongoing planning process to expand housing opportunities and safety-net services, he said.
On the matter of breathalyzer tests at school dances, Placer Union High School District Superintendent George Sziraki said that the district had implemented grand jury-recommended policies addressing use of alcohol detection devices.
The response attached a copy of the district’s new policies related to testing, indicating that training to principals, assistant principals and district staff on implementing the alcohol testing would be provided. The program is voluntary, with parental consent required, but requires all students attending Del Oro dances to be tested with a breathalyzer before admission.
Reports and responses are published and available for viewing at Hardcopies can be requested by contacting the grand jury at Requests should include a contact name, title, agency name, department name and complete mailing address.
December 1, 2016
Auburn Journal
By Gus Thomson

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