Friday, June 23, 2017

[Shasta County] City considering changing code enforcement oversight

REDDING, Calif. - The City of Redding may consider shifting oversight of code enforcement duties to the Police Department.
A report by the Shasta County Grand Jury recommends consolidation to better prioritize public safety.
The report states that 115 tons of trash from illegal camps was cleared last year, which is a 240 percent increase from 2010.
Vice Mayor Kristen Schreder reviewed the Grand Jury report and said they will consider recommendations from the Building Division and Police Department.
"Any improvements we can make, whether it's located at the Police Department or it stays under one of the city departments, we should ask those questions and do an evaluation. This report will help us ask those questions, so any consolidation that's helpful to do a better job is good," Schreder said.
Schreder added that operating funds for code enforcement are a priority for City Council, and they approved one-time funding during Wednesday's budget meeting.
However, she said the city needs to determine long-term funding.
June 22, 2017
By Tiffany Wong

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