Thursday, June 7, 2018

[Marin County] Marin IJ Readers’ Forum for June 7, 2018: Marin Villages is helping county’s older adults

The question. “Is Marin ready for its aging demographic?” is not new. The response, regrettably, is probably not “so what are we doing about it?” Comparing our programs against a federal requirement is using a standard lower than what most of us would find acceptable for a loved one or family member.
Marin Villages was established directly in response to the 2007 Marin County Civil Grand Jury report. We realized that the most effective way of addressing many of the issues facing our seniors — isolation, home safety, transportation — was to bring these services into the community, keeping the programs, activities and support local.
For many older adults, staying in their own homes is the most cost-effective housing option. Our goal is to help seniors remain independent, active and engaged in their communities. Our volunteers take ride requests in areas public transit doesn’t reach and/or taxis and Ubers don’t like to service. We lend a hand to members in their homes, addressing their individual concerns.
Membership in organizations like ours is not limited to those who need services; rather, anyone who values age-friendly, community-based programs and support is invited to join.
For information on Marin Villages, visit our website — — or call 415-457-4633.
June 6, 2018
Marin Independent Journal
Letter from Lisa Brinkmann, executive director, Marin Villages 

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