Friday, June 8, 2018

[Stanislaus County] Letter to the Editor: Hillars are caring, civic-minded, responsible good people

Re “Grand jury report describes a fire district run amok” (Front Page, May 26): I have been the neighbor of Pam and Mike Hillar for over 30 years. I watched them in good and bad times, always with their heads held up. I watched their two children grow into upstanding and responsible adults. If Mike was so bad all those 26 years, why wasn’t he terminated by Burbank Paradise Fire District before this? If Pam was such a troublemaker, why was she allowed to stay on the board?
You didn’t print that the money from the sale of the fire truck went to buy a better truck.
I am 84 and a widow. Mike and Pam have been so helpful. Mike gives me a hand around my place, helping out with repairs and looking out for things when I am gone. I fell down the front steps and in a matter of days he had a railing up. Pam makes sure I am up and about, bringing in the trash can and groceries, helping me chase the dog when he runs away. She is civic minded, keeping all of us updated on ballot measures, who is running and making sure we vote.
I had to let the people know what good folks they really are.
June 6, 2018
The Modesto Bee
By Vondalee Severance, Modesto

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