Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fresno Mental Health Board Called "Inadequate" In Grand Jury Report

Fresno County's Mental Health Board is under scrutiny in the latest report from the County Grand Jury.

The group is designed to work as a public advisory board for children and adults with mental health issues. But, according to the grand jury, the board is "inadequate" to address the needs of the county.

The report found there are 22 positions on the board; only seven positions on the board are filled. This "restricts the diversity of the membership," the report says.

The report blames the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, saying they failed to actively recruit new members for the advisory board, and lacked a recruitment strategy. It also criticizes board members for not personally participating in over half the meetings during a 30-month period.

The Grand Jury also found there were conflicts of interest found with members on the board—one even submitted a bid for services. The report says this could be due to a lack of training for board members on protocol.

To resolve these issues, the grand jury is recommending board members get trained on "conflict of interest" issues, that supervisors fill vacancies on the board and participate in the Mental Health Board. The Mental Health Board has 60 days to reply to the Fresno County Grand Jury Report.

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