Saturday, July 7, 2012

(Santa Barbara Co) New Civil Grand Jury Sworn In At Courthouse

Written by Victoria Sanchez -

A new Santa Barbara County Grand Jury was sworn in on Friday morning and the departing members were honored by the Superior Court.

For one year, 19 volunteers from across the county serve on the Civil Grand Jury to keep watch over government agencies. The outgoing group submitted more than a dozen reports.

“The Grand Jury functions as the independent watchdog agency of the County of Santa Barbara,” said Ted Sten, outgoing Grand Jury foreman.

It was the passing of the torch as the 2011-2012 jury members received awards for their service investigating complaints and responding to suggestions from the public.

“I do thank you on behalf of all the judges in the superior court and on behalf of the community,” said Judge Brian Hill.

“They've been dedicated, they've been energetic, they're talented. It was an honor for me to have served with them,” said Sten.

Sten and the jury made 13 reports about local government agencies. Some of the work included looking into programs at the Isla Vista Foot Patrol, Lompoc Housing issues, and video recording capabilities for Santa Barbara Police squad cars.

“The Board of Supervisors in response to a grand jury report on improving truancy in our community has allocated over $170,000 for the truancy program as a result of the grand jury report,” said Sten.

The new Grand Jury, which includes six people held over for a second year of service, was sworn in and will take the reins for the next 12 months.

If you have a complaint or suggestion for the Grand Jury, click here for the form:

Click here for the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury website:

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