Monday, December 17, 2018

[Kern County] Rand Water District holds 1st meeting since grand jury report

JOHANNESBURG – The Rand Community Water District met for the first time since the Kern County Grand Jury released its findings report on Wednesday at the Rand Communities Water District Office.
Although on the agenda, the RCWD opted to fully cover the 11-page report during the next board meeting, which will happen next week.
The RCWD did go over the grand jury recommendations and prioritized a to-do list and made assignments for all of the items.
Some of the recommendations have already been met or are currently being implemented, including fuel reimbursement, a billing system, and that all board members abide by the bylaws.
There were also some items that were assigned to be done over the following weeks, including orientation packets for new board members and creation of an RCWD website.
The board decided during this meeting to not extend Interim General Manager Carl Dorey’s temporary contract and will be posting an advertisement for a new general manager. Dorey’s three-month temporary contract ended on Nov. 30, 2018.
Among the requirements for a new general manager, the RCWD discussed the need for a D1 license, experience in a water district, and the ability to pass a drug test. The board also discussed the Office Manager position and agreed to stay with the status quo.
There are long-term grand jury items that will be assigned to the future general manager, including inventory records for repair supplies, maintaining records for all metered water produced and sold, update job descriptions and additional random drug testing for employees.
The board also swore in Clifford Kennedy, Ernest Napolis, Ghulam Din and Tom Williams. Napolis’ term is for two years, while the other three directors’ terms are for four years.
The board also elected a new president and vice president. Kennedy was voted in as president in a 4-1 decision, Will Liebscher being the lone ‘no’ vote. Napolis was then voted in as vice president in a unanimous vote.
Monthly financial reports were briefly looked at and reviewed for the month of November. The Board decided to add mandatory monthly financial report reviews for a future agenda item.
Resolutions for Kern and San Bernardino counties regarding budget submission was approved.
Future agenda items include covering all items from the grand jury action list, insurance finalization for an employee, insurance request for a second employee, what to include in the monthly financial report, the RCWD credit card machine, and booster order.
RCWD will meet again next Wednesday, Dec 19, at 7 p.m. at the Rand Communities Water District Office, 501 Comstock Avenue, Johannesburg.
December 14, 2018
Ridgecrest Daily Independent
By Lauren Jennings

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