Monday, December 2, 2019

[Marin County] Letter to the editor: Marin Civil Grand Jury should investigate PG&E

I am hoping that the Marin Civil Grand Jury decides to investigate Pacific Gas and Electric Co. I believe that such an investigation falls within the scope of their work.
This past April, the Grand Jury issued a report and their findings with respect to wildfire risk, education about wildfire risk,and preventative measures. However, I do not think that the investigation was specifically focused on the role of our utility company, if any, in causing the need to shut off power to all of Marin County.
The Grand Jury has subpoena power and can require the utility to produce records with respect to power line safety, preventative maintenance, as well as the amount of money that it has invested in the area of preventing wildfire risk. Such an investigation will help the citizens understand what happened this past October and why it happened.
The investigation may reveal that the utility did all that it could to prevent the need for the power to be shut off. In other words, the Grand Jury may conclude that the utility was reasonable. On the other hand, the investigation may lead to different conclusions altogether. I believe that many agencies should be looking at this issue and I also believe that there are many smart folks who serve on our local Grand Jury.
I humbly ask that they make this investigation a top priority. They can help us understand what has transpired and they will also help us prepare for the future.
November 10, 2019
Marin Independent Journal
Letter from Wesley Pratt, San Anselmo

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